About us

Metal Radom – metalworking plant

We are a Polish LLC offering professional metalworking services. We have been operating on the market since 1992. From the very beginning, our main goal is the excellent quality of our services. We do not limit ourselves to standard manufacturing methods. Each order constitutes a challenge for us to look for new technological solutions. We believe that reliability and innovation are the basis for continuous development.

Many years of experience, punctuality, qualified employees and continuous investments in equipment and knowledge enable us to handle orders even from the most demanding customers. Our domain is precise metalworking (waterjet cutting, cutting, turning, milling, drilling, bending and grinding) and specialized TIG, MIG and MAG welding (carbon, stainless and acid-resistant steels, cast iron, aluminium and alloys).

Every day, we complete orders from Customers from various industrial branches and market areas, where precise and solid elements are necessary. We are there where there is a need to regenerate or manufacture new parts of machines and devices, to make unusual details or complex machines.

We are not afraid of non-standard orders, coming from complex, individual projects of our Customers. We make details based on the provided models or technical drawings. We are able to handle orders for single pieces as well as for large lots of orders. A detailed offer of Metal Radom can be found in the “Offer” tab.

The tools and technologies we use enable us to obtain the highest quality of products and services, and combining traditional methods of production with innovative methods enables us to maintain attractive prices. It is also possible owing to the quality control procedures we perform with the use of specialized measuring equipment.

We look forward to working with you!
The owner and employees of the
Metal Radom company