Industrial Heat Sinks

Industrial aluminium heat sinks

One of the components we produce are industrial aluminium heat sinks. They are used for heat abstraction in many devices in various industrial branches – energetics, motorization, rail transport, etc.

The heat sinks manufactured in our company have mechanically crimped blades (no adhesives). As a result, they are marked by excellent heat conductivity and do not require expensive and complicated casting moulds.

We have developed this method on the basis of a research study by the Radom University of Technology Institute of Mechanics and the Rzeszów University of Technology Department of Plastic Treatment[1]. It is ideal for making short series of heat sinks – from a few to several hundred pieces.

We manufacture heat sinks with the maximum base dimensions of 800 mm x 1,000 mm. Of course, we can make other sizes of heat sinks. The blades can be spaced in any configuration, we have a specialized CNC machine for making channels for the blades.

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  1. Kowalik, M., and T. Trzepieciński. “Examination of the influence of pressing parameters on strength and geometry of joint between aluminum plate and sheet metal.” Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering 12 (2012): 292-298.